Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Yes it has been a nutty week. Full of ups and downs, and all arounds.
Last week was a busy week. Full of changes. School has been a up and down thing. Boys are doing great with it, it is me. We are implementing the workbox system very soon. It seems to be a wonderful program. And I have a feeling this will work great for the boys. Since right now Im just pulling stuff out as soon as they finish something. And it will be a great way to implement all those fun lil things I forget during the day.
The boys are doing WONDERFUL with team work. Speaking of how well they have been doing..They are now SHARING a room!! Yes..and they decided it themselves. I made a joke about it last week. Since they are always together. They would go to lil bears room to watch the TV(its a lil one) and Mr B had the big TV! (made no sense LOL) and then they would drag their toys from one room to the other, and play together. When I make the joke. And both of them were SOOO excited! I gave it 3 days..3 days of non stop, ARE WE MOVING ROOMS YET??? MOMMMMMMMMY WHEN?????????????? FInally Friday, I told them we would do it. And within a hour Mr B's room was unloaded into my living room. I had to take apart lil bears bed to move it. The boys had to help move furniture. Not one argument occurred all day during this process. By 3 pm. The rooms were switched back together and clean. When Papa Bear got home, he didnt make it through the door before they were dragging him to the rooms to show him all they did. And told him how they dusted and everything.
I am so proud of how they have become in the past 3 months. They have grown as people. And it brings tears to the eyes to remember it was just May when I thought they were gonna kill each other or something. Just a few months later...They work together, they look out for each other. And have become....best friends.

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