Friday, August 21, 2009


I gave Lil Bear my camera phone yesterday. The camera part on it still works LOL. But let him have fun. I figured heck why not. We were at Lego Club with a LOT of other families. And he had a fun time going around taking pictures of the various things being built. And people having fun. That picture you see, he says is sideways. But ya know. I was more proud that he even THOUGHT to do something like this! I expected just walk around click click And he did do a lot of those. But when I went through. I could see he THOUGHT on a lot of the photos. I might be seeing a camera in his hands in the near future.
Now again on LEGOS! The homeschool lego group is pretty big. And getting bigger. I am loving meeting others. There was a ton of kids. And its funny to watch my kids jump in the mix no problems. And the one thing, everyone used to complain about my lil bear..He doesn't participate, he doesn't talk blah blah blah....Guess what.. during Lego club he has come out of a shell. Hes walking up to people he has never met before and initiating conversations. He goes and sits and participates in conversations AND SHARES. So obviously it was more that he didnt like the company before. LOL. Because if Lil bear don't like ya.... He is very apparent about it. I am really glad we joined. On top of having other adults around me I DON'T feel so alone. And the boys know now for sure . They are NOT the only ones.
And tonight.. HOMESCHOOL PICNIC!! Love the activities. Will have to let lil bear take some more pics. Mr B says he wants to take some and show off his talent also.

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