Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ahhhh.. so it is, yet another one of THOSE days. We have had a semi busy week(which is surprising since I am such a hermit) From Lego Club, then HOM Picnic, To my friends to mow and weedeat, to visiting the OKC bombing memorial, then going to see the Disney A Christmas Carol Train Tour(yep CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST!)
Lego club was fun. I enjoy sitting with other mothers, and discussing what life has brought with the past month. And actually having people to share the daily struggles and triumphs with.
Then onto the picnic the next night, where in all honesty I acted just like the kids, shaving cream fights and all. But it was fun. The boys had a blast and it wore them out.
The next day we thought ohhh sit at home relax...nope. Friend said she was going to try to mow(hmm bad lungs and lawn mowing DO NOT go hand in hand) So off we go to do it for here before she had the chance to THINK about it any further. We spent a good few hours over there. Its always nice to visit with her.
Today we decided to go to the Train tour. And we all know hoe most DOWNTOWN areas are. You pay anywhere from 3-7 bucks JUST TO PARK! So we drove a ways away looking for a place to park NOT costing money. Gave up for a little bit and went over to the Memorial. That place is a very humbling experience. You look at all of the chairs and remember where you were the day it happened. The kids were reading all of the little plaques. And then Papa Bear noted to them about how part of that wall, it the original wall that was there. The survivor tree is huge and beautiful. After spending a little while looking at things left behind. We decided to go ahead and TRY again to go to the train. Finally we parked about 3 blocks away. And walked all the way over there. lol. After getting there we waited for quite a while. Finally got to the train. It was very interesting. I highly recommend if it comes nearby, go look at it. And it was FREE! When we were leaving the line was VERY long to get into the train. I'm talking AT LEAST a 3 hour wait. If it comes by. GO EARLY! Sorry no pictures were taken on the train(I for got my camera) More pics to come of the picnic. And when we go back to the Bombing Memorial, there will be pictures. We are going to study about it. Then make something special to bring and leave on the fence.

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