Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Took me long enough...

Ok.. After trying to keep track of what we do in a day..All by pencil and paper(yes I know, The old fashioned way) I found THIS SITE Ok so I really didn't FIND it. In the local homeschool group, they had been talking about it. So heck, why not, give it a try....And..... OH MY GOODNESS!!!! WHY DID I NOT DO THIS BEFORE??? I spent over 2 hours last night entering in 3 weeks worth of stuff. And today playing with it, and entering in what the boys did today. SO EASY! The homeschool tracker basic edition is free. And when you put in how many points and how many they got right. It gives you a grade. AND it takes all from each subject you do and makes the average grade! You can print out report cards with it. You can add or take away subjects(of course I took out that lil thing that says homework lol) But you can ALSO add each resource you use. So on lil bears. when we use the phonics book. I can put phonics book page what ever. And it keeps track of it all! So I will have all these records JUST IN CASE someone ever needs it.
I am very excited about this. Its made my day so much easier. No more dead trees because I keep writing and rewriting and changing what we do etc.
Today we started typing! And yep, I added it to the list of subjects!

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