Friday, July 03, 2009

A long week

Ahhh its been one of those long lazy weeks. Been playing more than cleaning. Playing more than baking. And playing more than...well more than anything. Except yesterday....Yesterday, my 2 adorable, crazy, LOVING(normally) boys decided it was another day to fight. And not talking words. Yes, I know..Its past the end of June and wee are still dealing with some issues. I still have to say, it is way better than it was a month ago. But yesterday I had to take away playing in the pool. After the oldest deemed necessary to kick the youngest in the stomach. And all they wanted to do was fight over legos. Wait... it was fight over anything that touched the other ones hands. I am sure we all have these kind of days...I HOPE! haha.
Other than that I did get my house cleaned up yesterday since there was no playing in the pool. I was able to also get another batch of laundrysoap made. Dog hair central has been vacuumed! This dog I swear is shedding like crazy! I didn't know this dog had so much FUR!
On another note, My nephew is turning 1 tomorrow(yup a firecracker baby) And my brother decided to have his birthday party today...So I get to feel a little bad because we will be a hour late. BECAUSE my brother didnt quite think it out. SOME people still have to work today....And well.. they are not getting off till the time of the party or after! So a party that is from 3-5...People are not gonna be there till 4-4:30... We will see how it goes..

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