Wednesday, January 07, 2009


After our recent trip to the local Walmart and having a child hurt by falling merchandise. I'm shocked..(just wait I am getting back to the school thing too, don't worry your pretty lil heads) Would you believe how many people said we could have gotten all this stuff free!!??? We could have loaded up on groceries, and got him a new toy blah blah blah.. But think this.. DOES IT MAKE IT RIGHT? Yes we got a manager, yes we let them know what happened. You know what made it right? THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM! They pulled the baby gates that were carelessly put up. Made it safe so no other child, or adult was hurt. That made it right.. Not basketloads of free groceries. My child is ok. He hates Wal-Mart, but not many people shop there because they like it. They fixed the problem, simple as that.

NOW lets move to the schools(this is along the same lines with responsibility and petty people) Do you notice the amount of bullies are growing? The lack of authority present, respect? hmmm keep watching. The teachers here are the greatest. But how can they do their jobs?  When parernts are so set on NEVER telling their kids no. OH WAIT you have to be home to do this thing they call parenting.. The problem starts at home, but yet so many parents are blaming the schools, O my the lunches are making them fat...O they have ADD and are NOT responsible for their behavior. You can not expect them to do these things. Give them till whenever to finish their work and give them full credit.  NOT the fact mommy and daddy are working 40+ hours a week and talking to their children over a cell phone(CAN YOU SEE WHAT YOUR KID IS DOING) do you know how many of these 12-15 year olds I see standing outside with cigarettes and beer after school...Hmmmm bet you did not know this.. Cuz NO WAY your kids would not do that. The responsibilitys have been passed from parent to child. The child is to be his/her own parernt. THe child gets up on their own, they get ready, they ride their bikes or walk(I saw a 6 year old walking ALONE in the freezing cold weather one day.. with a jacket on) Into the schools(yes I HAVE ate the lunches) they do not make the kids fat. the fact you give your child money to buy 2 extra plate of food does. Then they go home to twinkies. The school does not make your child misbehave, the parents who look you dead in your face after  you witness them stab another with a pencil and say MY child would NEVER do that. Now I am not that old. BUT I know if I cursed or hit another student, or teacher(both of which I have witnessed in the schools) I would have my rear in a office and suspended. Guess what.. now most the time they run..They run a couple laps and go back to class to repeat the behavior, no parent is hardley ever called anymore.  THese children run the schools now. The teachers just put the curriculum in front of them and HOPE. Hope that 1 kid in that class will be one that is held responsible will do it. Hope that 1 kid in your class will not be turned into just another bully running the schools. I have witnessed this in many schools. Not just this one. When a school tries to lay down the law there is always a parent willing to sue. Willing to find a way to live free. Just like the people who looked at me and told me I should have filled up the grocery baskets at Wal-Mart and gotten it free. Yes in my case Wal-Mart was responsible. But to me the responsibilty was taken care of with a apology and fixing the problem. But in the schools, the responsibility is no where to be found. The parents are not responsible because they are not home. The kids are not responsible because my goodness they are just kids(sarcasm again) Teachers are not responsible because their hands are tied. And guess what, we are losing some darn good teachers because look at it, you bust your butt to go to school to hopefully pass on love of learning. You pay tons of money in student loans, you fight hard to find a teaching job.. To be told you can not disipline. You take away a activity(like recess) because a parent did not make sure that homework was done, and the kid lied because o no they don't have homework, or because the kid decided to curse out the teacher in the middle of class, or... I mean the list goes on and on..WHERE DOES RESPONSIBILITY LIE!!!?? WHERE?

At the end of this rant.. I want to say congratulations to.. The SAHM(and dads) who choose to be home for your children, The homeschool moms(and dads) who decided that teaching your child(ren) at home to stay away from this stuff. The WAHM(and dad) who sacrificed everything to find a way to stay at home. And the teachers who bust their butts daily, with no respect given to them

IN NO WAY am I saying that you should not work. I understand this is not the prarie days. I also understand the sacrifice made to be able to pay your mortgage. Believe me I am there. BUT I for one am making a sacrifice..I am sacrificing money for my kids. When you CHOOSE to have kids, you choose where your priorities lie. Its not out partying and not working more than 40 hours a week. I don't care who you are. Your kids should come first. BE A PARENT. My kids know bills will come before a new toy. Even though it does mean a temper tantrum(well get over it, lifes not fair) EVERYONE I know is struggling. Struggling through daily life to make ends meet. But I CHOSE to have kids, I chose that my kids will learn responsibility. I DO NOT clean up their messes, I DO NOT make their beds. They do. YES they are most always within my sight. I am outside with them if they are, I am there if they need help with math. I do not tolerate lies. I do not tolerate passing the buck. ACCEPTING RESPONSIBLITY. hmm what a concept. We all need to take a good look at ourselves and see where we dropped the ball..

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