Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am separating a rant into 2 blogs here that revolve around The public school system. Bear with me through this. I am both irritated and saddened by it all.

At one of our local stores last night, I ran into someone in the education buisness....And see in the past 2 years, I have talked to LOTS of people in the "education" buisness. And in a couple different districts. And I talk to them about everything, from the fact that No child left behind law is a crock of poo, to the fact SO many parents are now parents by cell phone. Look into your schools(and yes at this moment I am sad to say my children are in the..what they call...public school system....) And find out something.. #1 look at the no child left behind law....Tell me what it says.. Did you notice that it was worded ever so well when voted on.. But now look what it has done. Push art into a social studies class, shorten science.. You know the only things important are your reading and math. Why are they tested on? READING AND MATH! If you have a aspergers child..Umm yes they may read well, they may do math well... BUT I do notice most are interested in SCIENCE, PRESIDENTS, Now my 9 year old can read a book like nothin else and LOVES it. and YAY we got the reading test score...He reads at a almost 11th grade level.. YIPPIE!(ok Im being sarcastic) YES I am happy over these scores.. But is this it??? Just wait CRT's are coming up. 5 days of worthless crap testing.. ON READING AND MATH? WHERE is the citizenship? WHERE is periodic table of elements? WHERE ARE OUR PRIORITIES?  I have really sat back the last couple years and looked at it all. YAY we have a title 1 program..hmmm we are a poor school so that makes us STUPID??? We get a reading program at this school, because the amount of free and reduced lunches. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the title 1. But don't feel that a school should be looked at because your poorer you need this program because we know you can't read????? come on. YES there are going to be some at ANY AND EVERY why only the poorest get it?  YAY we spent 5 years doing fundraisers for a new big toy(which is a whole story that still burns me we have the money dont have the money type thing) But yay the big toy showed up over Christmas break.  YAY we have GREAT TEACHER some of the best ever.. And next rant will include be patient I am getting to that.  YAY I live in one of the HIGHEST acredited school systems(just at one of the poor ones haha)  BUt guess what.. Look at your public school kids work, their homework and the work they bring home.. 1 outta 5 will have science or SS or Art related stuff. THe rest has to do with reading and math. In 3 years.. I have YET to see anything come home for homework, that is not reading or math. And my now youngest..brings home ONLY reading stuff(ok he gets away with it.. hes just learned to read hehe) But my oldest.. Lets just say, Im done with the PS system, back to homeschool we go....After this year(ooo I would so pull them right now but I love their teachers haha) Next rant coming soon!


clairelouise82 said...

Thanks for a great post. This is point well said. As a parent to a 8year old son with Aspergers
I found this to be the case. I'm unsure where you live. But we are in the UK and it's the same story here.

no1lefthere said...

We live in Oklahoma. And I have to say. If its spread that far then its a really sad thing. I hope one day the higher ups will realize what this has done to our children. I know mine will be much happier back homeschooling than they are at this school.
Thank you very much for your comment. Feel free to keep coming by. I will be adding lots more links and information regarding public schools here and homeschooling.