Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another week gone by...

Well here it is Thursday already. Tomorrow for being Friday is going to be a very busy day. I normally end up with a semi lazy Friday. Friday is going to be spent in doctors offices. My husband has been dealing with a messed up shoulder for while now. And as much as we wished it would just stop hurting, it did not. So we had to make a appointment. Found out he has bursitis with impingement. Kinda a lot to read there huh. Mainly the bursa sacks under his rotator cuff are inflamed. Which is cause a nerve to be pressed into the bone(impingement) and lots of pain. And while yes, we have insurance, you still have that nasty deductible and co-pays to get taken care of, all of which are not in a budget. So while on medication, the swelling should have gone down, and some of that pain should subside, it has not. So off to a MRI we go. Physical therapy would do no good at this point. And there will possibly be surgery next. LUCKILY, so many people are where we are today, struggling just to make ends meet. That the doctors office went out of their way to find where we could go, and not have to pay them money now. But in monthly payments. And then after we are done with a MRI we have to take our oldest son to the doctor. Who seems to have pulled a ligament in his groin again.. (the bend between the hip and leg lol) I don't know what the problem is, this pain has been going off and on for a year. so starting to worry if its something more serious. At this point in time, I am BEGGING the dog to not get hurt again(like her disease helps her with that) and I am going to wrap the youngest daredevil child in pillows to hopefully avoid any other mishaps. We are goging to look like the King Of the Hill episode when their home owners insurance lapsed hahaha. (if you have not seen it, that is one funny cartoon)

On other notes, I am preparing for our next year of homeschooling. The children both have chosen what I also believe is best for them. TO come back home and learn. Where all subjects are important. ANd where family, respect and responsibility are important. Off to finish picking up the house and grabbing my pen and paper!

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