Saturday, January 10, 2009

Doctors, Doctors, and more Doctors

The day of doctors appointments. First the husband to have a MRI done.( We will find out those results on Thursday) And then the oldest son to the doctor to check out the mystery pain...... And then it begins. First to the block, was a hernia.  And this is not on the side of that mystery pain. So, to check the mystery pain, we go for X-Rays. Trying to see if he injured his hip in any way, or if...its another hernia. We take those X-Rays to the doctor on Monday to see what they say. They are putting off surgery on my VERY worried 9 year old, due to not knowing if he is developing another one. Which is a good thing. I mean we do not want to have to put him through 2 surgeries, if they can fix it all in 1. I do feel sorry for him though. It hurts me to see him hurting. He's in a fair amount of pain. And the thing that really bites, he has to go to school like this. (I swear I am a inch away from removing him just so he does not have to deal with being left out) The doctor said he needs to be the judge. If it hurts don't do it. But unless I go in there and grab his teachers, and let them know to listen and not force him to do all the stuff. Then they will make him.

On another note, last night we got our heater checked out. And well, not much we can do right now. Not posing a safety hazard so we are just going to deal with it. Tomorrow we are going to get a hot water tank. Had enough of these hurry up showers. Thank goodness tax time is here(did I really just say that) Ahhh who doesn't? We almost all love the refunds! lol Ok yes the prep of it sucks. Can't put that any other way. But like most, we will be paying off credit card debt(most of it) And since we were going to buy a hot water tank with it anyway. Might as well put it on my lovely plastic card(I hate these things) But hey, a hot shower sounds soooooo good.

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