Saturday, January 10, 2009


Kids! They are amuzing and wonderful(in the middles of the trying crazy moments) This morning, we made brownies and made batman shapes on top using stencils and powdered sugar(surprised how much fun making shapes on brownies was!) And then out came the K'nex. Not often you get 2 kids to sit and actually work together, and put brains together to make something. THey actually sat reading directions to make a dragster out of K'Nex and DID IT! Chase(whos 6) Was counting the pieces he needed and saying where they went, Brandon(whos 9) was putting piecs in the right spots. And almsost 2 hours later STILL DOING IT!(lots of little pieces to put in there haha) I love to see them create and do it together. THe dragster came out REALLY cool! Very proud of them(I have the beaming mom face going on here) Its computer time in the house. Kids are taking turns playing on their computer. And no fight so far. Lets hope the day continues like this. These are the days you sit back and know that sometimes you did do somethting right as a parent.(Hey who does not have those days when it all goes wrong and your banging your head on a wall trying to figure out where you went wrong ??) :D Going to have a lazy day ahead, then a nice family dinner. Tomorrow we hope to go get the hot water tank(we will have help tomorrow) and get it installed and HAVE A LONG HOT shower.

ahhhh back tot the lazy day.. These are soo nice.

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