Monday, October 24, 2011

Running Running Running

THats what I feel like Im doing everyday. Even when I dont leave the house!
Saturday I spent ALL day cleaning Mr Bs room. Taking everything out cleaning it completely putting it back together. Sunday I had to go to work then pick Mr B up from his weekend with the Civil Air Patrol. That was a story in itself... First I started the morning by having papa bear and I switching fridges around. I had a black one brought to me, and wanted that one in my kitchen(it looks so good with the red walls LOL) It took us 4 tries to get in in the back door. Each try we had to remove something on the house...Finally the last one we removed the doors from the fridge. The white one from my kitchen was moved to the garage to hold all the water etc. We of course learned our lesson and just removed the dang doors first! I left to go to work and the house was still disassembled. Hubs had to fix all that while I was gone. I to the church to pick up Mr B at 1:15......(we were originally told between 1-130....) Mr B....2 No Mr B...Hubs calls said B called told him they were ALMOST here and to meet at the hanger..So off I go to the hanger..2:30 still no Mr B..(umm yep Im grumpy sitting in the car this long) FINALLY at 3 the van shows up..The 2nd Lt told me they were supposed to call and say LEAVING the city they were in and to meet at the hanger. Which would be..A HOUR LATER! Had to wait for Mr B to help unload the van etc. Get home, Mr B is WORN out. We get dinner made adn then light the chiminea...While out roasting marshmallows..I get a phone call...DANG IT!! lol I forgot I was supposed to go to a friends and help her drag a bunch of stuff to the curb. Then realized I missed the CVS thing for kids to go in costume and get pictures and a gift bag...THEN I remembered.. I FORGOT Mr Bs shots lol. And didnt have 3 hours left in the day for him to be awake. Good thing to because that kid passed out in his room light on before 9pm.
Now come to Monday. We spent the day in lil bears room, doing the same I did to Mr Bs on Sat. After that ran to the store to catch some good deals, home to wait for Mr B then get lil bear, made dinner now about to head to gymnastics. And thats just the last 3 DAYS!!!!

So far Papa Bears hours are still the same. Have no idea whats going on with that. Still afraid of losing the money. But Im sure we will figure it all out lol

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