Thursday, January 06, 2011

Holidays OVER!!

I know those who know me know I LOATHE the holiday season. I try every year to put on a cheerful face and pretend to like it..but dangit. I don't. I live for January 2. Every year its easier to deal with the holidays, but still not to where I like them. In my..relatively short life.. ok sheesh I know I'm in my 30s... but holidays have not been met with many happy memories. Ok yes I had my 2nd born 4 days before Christmas 8 years ago so yes thats a good one. But thats his birthday lol. NOT a huge holiday. I spend most holidays sulking.  Which I know is not fair to those around me but for some reason my brain wont let go of certain memories to even make me remotely like the season of giving or whatever you want to call it. I celebrate these holidays for the kids. They love them. The way most of us did when we were very young. And a very close friend of mine LOOOVEEESSS(yes typed that like a preteen in a text there) the holidays. She decorates to the hilt and makes me cook and celebrate. Honestly it makes it bearable. When I would normally be in bed trying to sleep the days away.. Im up baking and cooking and wrapping presents... and well..the same things everyone else does I guess. I adore her for making me get out of my protective shell(at the same time wanna smack her for it haha) She is one of the only people who seem to be able to bring it out of me. The best family be a non family member...EVER! But whewww (*wipes hand across brow here) its over. Now its going into tax season. then well.. new year has begun and you spend time thinking..hmm will this one be better than the last...few....years.? I guess we will see. Its only started. So chink those glasses together and prepare for one heck of a year! (ok glass half full there moment) And then remind yourself it wont hand it to ya.. You actually have to work for it.....(hmmmmmmm guess I should break out the sweat bands now...)

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