Sunday, January 16, 2011

Changes frustrations and new beginnings..

As life takes yet another turn, things are changing again. Once more the boys will be going back to public school. Which is a major battle within my heart and mind. Mr. B has become increasingly lazy when it comes to doing his school here at home. He is so smart and it bothers me to no end that he won't put in effort. I do think he is honestly getting bored. Since hes done so quick hes left to use his own imagination to do things and well.. he runs out of ideas. He looks for me to give him something constructive through the whole day. He needs more than even I can give him right now. Hes also looking forward to being in band and participating in other activities that I cant provide due to either limited funds or nowhere to even do the things he wants as a homeschooler.
Lil Bear on the other hand will do his work(well except math which confuses me because he is soo good at it) Has learned a lot and continues to amaze me with how quick he picks up on concepts. But he also wants some of the extra things. I hate that I cannot provide those lil things. That shouldnt be so hard, but they want those things. Lil Bear enjoys his gymnastics and will continue this. And Mr B will start civil air patrol at the end of summer. Which will keep them even more busy.
They will both be tested this week to place them. Mr B should be 6th and lil bear 2nd. I wouldnt be so nervous if I had faith in this school.. But I don't. To me this area really could use some major improvement. But Im going to place my children in the hands of these people again..and try to keep my fears at bay.

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