Tuesday, March 30, 2010

YUMMMMM Cuppycakes!!!

Soooo I have said before how I found this BLOG and honestly I have spent a TON of time reading it.. I LOVE to bake. Im learning to decorate.. And I made the cookies she most LOVINGLY posted directions for. (yuuumm) Well this time I tried these CUP CAKES I frosted them with some FAB cream cheese frosting. And laugh all you want.. I used a cookie press to frost HAHA. The piping bag suffered a horrible explding death....But anyway.. Drool over that picture, and TRY to make some for yourself. RAVE reviews from all of us that devoured..24 cupcakes...There was only 8 of us....Yeah...ummm

And I will apologize now for the fuzziness.... I was ready to eat that....


Amanda said...

You did AWESOME!! Now why didnt I think of that awesome frosting and piping bag??? You got skills girl!!

Love it!


Mama Bear said...

They were WONDERFUL! Thank you for it! I will be making them again..and again..and again... :D