Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting closer

This month is going by quickly. Very quickly. We are down to our last few weeks of school. Lots of things planned with our homeschool group. We had a blast at our St Paddy party, next we have a Easter Party then a campout. I am really enjoying getting to know lots of the moms better. The boys are excited that we are almost done with this "grade" I am really getting in gear with next years stuff.(ok our next year will begin in June lol) I have all their curriculum bought, now its planning stages. After visiting a wonderful homeschool moms blog Five J's Our reading list will be a lot easier to do. Because like how she said, I do not want to make a list of force you to read things. But saying they have to read at least one of each is a wonderful idea! Plus it just made my planning a ton easier. I am still compiling a list of life skills items I want to do with them, and a list of Art projects that would be fun to add in. I have already discussed with both of my bears that next school year will be a lot different. This year was basically seeing where they were, or were not. I am SO very glad we did. Looking back on our year...Its been filled with tears, laughs, heartache, smiles, ah ha moments... We have had fun, we argued some(sometimes more than we care to admit) So much trial and error went into this year. Patience is something I learn more about daily. But the one thing I can say...Despite it all..Im still so happy they are home with me. I am happy they are not too stressed out with it all. (yes I said TOO lol) I am loving SEEING those ah ha moments. Like when they took their first steps. We have had NO Sick days(can you believe it!!!) Ok Lil Bear had the lung stuff going on. But he still did his stuff. And that was the only sickness we have dealt with. Compare that to when they were in school and it seemed someone was sick A LOT.
The boys have grown so much in the last year. We still have our battles. But you can see some maturity in them. They dont help out around the house as much as I would like. But I really have to get a chore pack going(like what the Duggars use) I keep changing things to find stuff that works. So far I think we are getting it figured out. It was a big change to letting someone else have them all day(and me be home in the quiet) to me having them home all day and NO quiet hahah.
Ahh Im so proud of these boys!

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