Friday, January 22, 2010

A very busy week

It has been one of those crazy feel like your never going to stop weeks. And one that I thought I wouldn't make it till Friday. BUT YAY! Here it is Friday! And the funny thing is... We did not even leave the house until yesterday.
We have spent the week helping others. Some of it begrudgingly. I love to help other people. And the boys have been great with it. But there are days when even I need to learn to say no. And this week.. I really should have said no many times. But I feel horrible when I do. In between feeling awful, schooling with the boys, TRYING to get this house clean(ok its not horrible.. I'm just a neat freak) And trying to balance my computer to non computer time...I have received a ton of calls saying hey can you help me, hey I need your advice, hey can you come over....You got the point I'm sure. This week, has been one that I really wanted to lay in bed and say NO NO NO NO NO!!!! But did I?? Nope..I got up, and helped.. Or sat on the phone for many many hours this week, just listening, and trying to help that way. Speaking of the phone... Can I just throw it in the trash?????
The boys have been pretty decent this week. I really haven't had to refer to the IF-Then Chart at all. I make mention of it stating do you guys need to go see the chart, and they stop the behavior. We have had a couple early bedtimes, and a couple extra chores, but overall.. Not near as bad as it was while in public school. Seems as if we have to have a little regression before we move forward again. But mostly, I'm really glad of the choice we made. They are becoming the boys I remember from year ago. Lil Bear is a comic at all times. Which I'm glad to have him home to be. There are days where the comedy hits a all time high, and we know that public school would break that funny spirit of his. Mr B is catching up little by little. Hate to be so frustrated by what he doesn't understand. When its something I know they should have taught, but hes doing better. Still working on asking for help. Overall his temper is subsiding. We catch it quickly, and it seems to be helping. The one word of unacceptable makes him stop. So hes learning that getting angry over little things is not a good thing. Very proud of it. Every now and then we have a slip up, but mostly...Hes learning control.
My happy house experiences change daily. I'm constantly trying to tweak things. I figure eventually I will be happy with a change and stick to it. When I do.. I will most definitely let you know.

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