Saturday, January 16, 2010


Now normally I would not complain about a little bit of rain. BUT when NOT ONE weather person says any chance of rain for this weekend. And we take part of the roof down to decking... AND IT RAINS.. I DO NOT like it one iota. NOT happy. The wake up at 8 am to supposedly start getting ready to leave for a birthday party, turned into, look out window, see rain, curse a few times, wake hubby say..ummmm honey I know I dont wanna wake you up with news like this...but its raining... TO him cursing, and us all getting dressed, him running up on the roof, to cover a soaked roof with tarps. THEN notice water spots on the ceiling where I guess it had been raining for awhile, and already leaking through. Sigh. So after all that excitement, I spend 20 minutes trying to get mohawks standing(which I will tell you, as much as I love them. I HATE getting them to stand.) and grabbing everyone and getting our rears out the door to the Science museum for a birthday party. I won't complain about the party, because that was fun. The boys LOVE that place. We should have stayed longer, but we had hoped this rain was going to end. (Its now 3:45 and still raining) The mom of the birthday boy, made all the kids Mad Scientist ID cards. A cute idea! And of course they will be a much used item here as they play mad scientist all the time.
Hmmm hearing the saw running... Better check and make sure the Papa Bear doesn't need any help.

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susieloulou said...

my ds used white glue - just sayin'