Sunday, January 10, 2010

Planning and more planning..

Of course I know it is a little early, but you really just can not plan enough. And right now, I am planning NEXT school year. This year so far has been filled with learning. Learning where they are in their studies, where to place them for the next year, What their weaknesses and strengths are. It has been a lot of learning for all of us. We flew by the seat of our pants so far. Now its time to get a schedule in place. Start seeing what we need to do. So far in our planning, this is what we have..
Lil Bear- Spectrum 3
Mr B- Will correct all spelling mistakes in all work

Lil Bear-Horizons 2.1
Mr B-NEED TO GET!!!(still looking at what we think will be the best)

Story of the world Volume 1 together

50 States and Capitals
Maps- Map skills book- Grades 2 and 6

Spanish Vocabulary Builder-Together
Spanish book 1-Together

Language Arts
Lil Bear-Spectrum 3-NEED TO GET
Mr. B-Spectrum 6-NEED TO GET

Art and Life Skills
Looms-Potholders and beginning weaving,
Sewing- Pillowcase, Pants, -NEED FABRIC
Painting-Learning about different artist as well as painting in different
Building with wood-Lowes, Home Depot and other kits purchased.
Baking-Easy baking

Human Body -together
Lil Bear-Spectrum Science 3
Mr B-Spectrum Science 6
Ant Farm
Nutrition- NEED TO GET
Life science is our main focus this year

Lil Bear-Spectrum writing 3
Mr B-Spectrum Writing 6
Journals-Using writing prompts

Study different musical artist-Mozart, Chopin, Handel etc

This is just a small list. I know it sounds like a lot. But its really not. I have decided that more work will be done together. Even though they are a few years apart, They both will be gin Spanish together. Because neither know it. Our curriculum choices, and line ups will provide us to be able to schedule better. SO that we can sit and work on one subject all together. Just in different levels. At this time we do a reading time at the beginning of the day. And that will continue. It seems to ease us into the day well so far. SO as we go through the last part of our year, I will be starting the tweaking of the schedule to be in full swing by the time we begin our next year. Which it probably be at the end of June. During the rest of our year I will also be taking notes of things that they ask to do next school term. They are excited about starting the ant farm. (Can I say I like the IDEA of the ant farm...But not the idea of BUGS in the house lol) Plus we have a thing to make fake snow...Now that one I DO NOT want to see right now. We still have not melted out from under the Christmas Eve Blizzard snow. (hopefully this week though!) They LOVE to do science experiments. So I have a feeling lots more of those will be in our future. I do think I will have to use the majority of the experiments as a reward. If I make those at the beginning of the day.. I will lose them the rest of the day. So I am going to make our schedule where we do the stuff they don't like so much first. Alternate it a little bit. Both of the boys like to argue about Math.. (can't blame them I used to as a kid too) So I know that will be a get over with first. And Science is the favorite of the house, so I will have to probably make that last. We are rethinking the workbox system for the next year. I love it, don't get me wrong. But since I am doing lots of group things, I think the best thing is to just plan and schedule and put the assignments in a book. I think the workbox system is great for independent learning, But I have seen that this year, our year of seeing where we are, was probably not the best to choose a independent. Because right now, They need to LEARN to ask for help. And this is not happening. Mr B was in public school for a lot longer. And he never asks for help unless I put work with mom...Or after the 4th redo I write isn't it about time you ask for help. SO I think this next year working a lot together it will give them more opportunity to ask for help or for me to see when they are struggling. Now back to the planning.. O nevermind. Planning time over, My lovely Papa Bear is ready for outings(temperature just got about freezing!! Time to throw a party!)

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