Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!

AHhh its over. The ghosts and the goblins.. Have turned into Clone Troopers and Princesses. Kinda funny when you remember back to your old costumes. ANd lots of time wearing a sheet(without holes) because you didnt have a costume(and didnt DARE put holes in those sheets) Yep I remember. I found a old picture where I actually had a sheet costume(got lucky with holes to see out of) Now my Bears were.....You guessed it..
CLONE TROOPERS! lol. I have to say the masks were good.. but they smashed their noses down.

But aren't they cute. Going to save the galaxy!
Of course.. we did not go door to door trick or treating. I think thats becoming a thing of the past around here. We drove around looking. And 1 out of 10-15 houses, were even remotely decorated. Seemed to be the year no one cared about Halloween. Sad thing is, we didn't decorate this year either. We gave up after driving around and decided, well we went to a Fall festival thing the night before. And then on Halloween we went to a parade where they got plenty of candy, and then to another fall festival where they got to play games, and get temp tattoos. So no need to get more candy, that will probably end up in the trash anyways.
The bears did not complain. Of course our youngest, being the homebody he is was done with it all anyway. After all that excitement. They got to spend the night at a friends house, While Papa Bear and I got to go out to a adult Halloween party. It was a blast. Nice to have a date with the husband :) No pictures from that show. (forgot a good camera) and it was to dark for the camera on a phone to work.

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