Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Ok not to big of a deal right??
August is a month of changes. We started our school year on Monday. So far I am managing to keep planned and they are getting stuff done. Lil Bear, I guess really just wants me to sit with him at all times. We are starting out slow and easy with it right now. Since technically we do school lots of times, that's not on paper, they haven't realized they HAVE been all summer. They are learning to cook. They have been soaking up information out of the books they have been reading. They have been making all sorts of little projects. All they chose to do.
Also been trying to keep up with the house. It did take me more getting used to having them here during all my normal house stuff. But I am now used to it. I am redoing our schedule. Kinda tweeking it more than anything. I am seeing at which times they are more productive. And when they need a break. I think that was the hardest thing for me. Making a schedule that would have what we need to do daily. At good times. I hope by the end of this week. I will have a great idea. Right now we just need to ease back into stuff.
Lil Bear will get used to things. Hes just my combative one. If he wants to do it, he will still battle lol. I do think its just in his nature.

On another note- A friend of mine had her baby last night and I just wanted to say WHOOHOOO WE HAVE A GIRL!!!! J you have so much strength and patience. And I admire you. Without you, honestly, I don't know what I would do. You have taught me, above all, patience. And understanding. I feel I am a better wife and mom, thanks to you.
Congrats on the baby. SOOOO happy she is finally here. And hope you and your whole family are enjoying the newest addition.

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