Friday, July 17, 2009

A very busy week - Doctors Doctors Doctors

This week has been insanely busy. Monday was a slow day. Just getting the store back up and moving. Tuesday was just a stop by the Pharmacy to get both the boys meds. And the normal post office..and to the store.
It was Wednesday that started our week going nuts. Wednesday still busy with the store, FINALLY about done with that, but then doctors appointments. Both boys needed physicals. Insurance I guess likes to know they are healthy and developing normally(lol) Above all weight,height,eyes, back.. all good. And decided to go ahead and ask about allergy testing the bear.
Back ground as to why we asked---Sunday he got burned. Not a big one, just a lil one. Friends daughter was holding a punk(ya know to light a firework) and it hit the bear in the arm. Sooo I put a band aid on him after he got out of the shower, and sent him to bed.(Not a latex one mind you.Latex and I do not get along) He woke up Monday with his whole arm covered in a rash. This isn't his first rash. He gets them a lot. They say its mostly eczema since he has asthma, it goes hand in had. But also with the asthma comes allergic reactions. We see them frequently. But they don't show up immediately. So we really never can tell WHAT he is reacting to. Hopefully by Monday we will know what NOT to do.
Ok Now onto Thursday. We had to take the bear to have blood drawn. COOLEST thing now. Instead of all the needle pricks, you can have blood drawn and have the blood tested! YAY! ok.. well not yay for the bear. He was MAD! He did not care that it was 1 needle instead of 100..He takes shots very well. NOT happy about the blood draw. They say it normally takes 24-48 hours. I bet It will be Tuesday before we do find out.
Friday...Yes again the bear.. Last Friday he was eating breakfast and handed me a piece of tooth..well, not a piece of tooth but a tooth colored filling. So I had to make a appointment with the dentist for him. And so he had to wait a week for it. And after yesterday..HE WAS NOT anywhere NEAR happy, about seeing another person in scrubs. His appt. was at 3 he went into hysterics. Surprising he didn't throw himself into a asthma attack then. 3:30 still screaming 3:40, Hubby had to help me chase him down grab him and cart him to the car. So, get him buckled in shut and locked door QUICK( this kid is fast!) And he is screaming bloody murder telling me to go back home ALL the way to the dentist. Get to the dentist, And had to climb into the car to drag him out. THANK GOD for a nice lady who held the dentist office door open, while I drug him kicking and screaming. They got him back about 5 min after we got there. I had him in a hold the whole time in the waiting room. Put him under my arm, still kicking to drag him back there. His nurse had had him every single time we have been there, was shocked. Never has he acted like this. He is normally my brave one. He was just done. Took another 5 minutes back there for the nurse to show him what they were going to do, before he calmed down. And laid back to watch TV. I have never been so glad to see a week..END.
So at the end of the week.. We have had physicals, blood drawn and a tooth filled, And I AM EXHAUSTED.

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Laura said...

I was tired just READING that! I am sorry your week was rough and especially rough on the little guy. :o(