Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have the schedule written up. After the past almost 2 full weeks.. I have begun to HATE TV, and video games. Its been a constant. I let the kids kinda veg on them. And its gotten to a crazy point of being on them almost all day. And when they cant get on them, they are bored. SO I feel brains are going to mush lol. As much as their coordination is getting a ton better. They are being lazy. And it needs to end. So we are back to 30 min of each a day. A total of 1 and 1/2 hours of vegging a day. When we start doing school again.. it will get lower. TV during week, will be limited to educational things, except weekend. Video games reserved for weekends. And Computer.. For educational until weekends also. Good thing my oldest found a site he loves online. And I don't complain when he was playing it for a hour...
I will have to add that link to my list. And he played on it for awhile. Hard to tell them not to when come on.. ITS MATH! lol.
But tomorrow, its a wake up. Kids are gonna have to get into a routine. Something I let slip. Trying to just let them be. And now its time to take charge again, because it shows NO sign of letting up. Just getting worse.

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Jolyn said...

Oh my, what an appropriate post for my life. Some days I just declare a no-electronics day. My 4yo is sadly addicted to the gamecube so we have to just put it away altogether because he cries every time he has to get off. My 13yo is harder. So much online time is about socializing with his friends. "Moderation" is a topic heard often around here.