Thursday, May 21, 2009

The smell of bread rising

Well after much procrastinating. I finally have bread in pans rising! And the bananas in the dehydrator. Lil Bear loves nothing more than some banana chips. I had 4 trays of them a week ago. He was sooo impatient. When they finally finished, he ate all of them. Totals 5 or 6 bananas! In less than a hour. All those hours of being on the trays, were over. I am really glad he likes to eat so healthy. If you put a bowl of fruit and a bowl of candy on the table. He will gladly choose the fruit. The kid will devour grapes, apples, oranges, banana(chips only) over a bar of chocolate. Mr. B was so happy when I said I was making homemade bread this morning. He is ready for the day to be over already so he can chow down. I am going to start making bread at home more often than buying the loaves again. I just hope I don't put on the pounds I did last time. It smells wonderful. One winter I was averaging about 4-6 loaves a week. So we will HAVE to cut back on that haha. I need to get back into making allot more from scratch. We used to do it all the time. Mr. B is back to asking to help make dinner again too. So this summer, my baby is learning to cook. Ok so he is my oldest but he is still my baby! He will be 10 this summer.I can not believe its been 10 years. Sigh, I feel old today. Ok back to the kitchen. Make some bread! Nothing makes your home smell so wonderful as a loaf of fresh baked bread!

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