Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 days..

3 more days of school at public school for the boys. They are excited to say the least. First of all they have no more work to do. Park day for the Bear is tomorrow, then kindergarten recognition on Friday. Then both of them have a Olympics of sorts on Tuesday. So no more work. Mr B had his awards assembly today. Walked away with a trophy and a medal and certificates. All for reading. He did wonderful this year. very proud of him. Took a lot at the beginning but after a rough start he did wonderful. The Bear, at his awards is supposed to get a Kindergarten DVD. That they have put together of all the stuff they have done. But I am really proud of him too. He is such a homebody. Not to keen about being around groups of people, and overall has done well. He is so excited to be going back to homeschooling though. (I should make him sing haha) Some curriculum is on its way, thanks to a wonderful friend. And I do believe we have curriculum coming from a couple other friends.. I think. Today I have not managed to do much of anything. I wanted to make bread, but so far I have not been able to wake up(yes its almost 8 pm and my eyes are half closed as I type) The beast and Mr B are playing a baseball game on the X Box a friend got them for Christmas. Actually working together(which is something we are working on.) Poor Mr B was getting in the car a lil while ago and was not paying attention. Somehow hit right under his eye on the door. The Bear yells for me to come here bubba got hurt. He now has a lil lump and a bruise. Hopefully next time he pays more attention getting into the car.
Ok tomorrow I HOPE to make fresh bread, and get this house straightened back up. Not to much to do. Just need to get some sleep to have the energy to do it all. Because on top of it, the beast is trying to get me to go to his park day in the morning!!!

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