Friday, April 03, 2009

Sighs of Relief

I have managed to finish the menu. A month long one. Trying to continue to shop by the month. Except for Milk and stuff like that. But it works out SO much better. No more crazy trips to the store. None of it! LOVE IT!
I need to bless my house tomorrow. House has by far been neglected this week.Been battling myself all week. HOPEFULLY tomorrow I wake up with the energy to MOVE my rump!

Kids medicine has been changed. So we will see how it works. Not to worried about Mr B. But the Bear...That one I worry about. Claritin is NOT his friend. So we get to watch this one play out.. yet again. The gave him another inhaler to have at the school. Just in case. Since the changing of meds they are not sure. Sigh.

The Luba update- Well it is what it is. She finally came out of hiding and is right now just dealing with it all. Sending warm thoughts to a great friend. and a wonderful mother. I know you guys will make it through.

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