Monday, April 06, 2009


Ok those who know me well, know I have smoked for as long as I can remember. Well I quit once for 4 months(still dunno why I started back) And with the recent tax to them, well could not afford them before and sure cant now. Now I am not saying I did not NEED to quit. But I do have a tendency to rebel when MADE to do something. And this time I could not rebel. In the end yes it saves my lungs, at the cost of someone else job. The government made me quit. I'm at day 2. I feel like absolute crap. I am miserable I tell ya. The last time I quit I only noticed that I did not cough when I laughed(yes I cough if I laugh to hard) Of course I did not have the massive sickness the last time.I have a headache that I swear someones jabbing me in the head with a ice pic. Its the same kinda headache I DO REMEMBER getting when I quit drinking caffeine after having The Bear, since of course breastfed babies DONT need caffeine LOL. But the dizziness. Ugg the dizziness I could TOTALLY live without. Now Im not hungry. Just eating cuz you think that it will settle the stomach from the nausea that the dizziness has caused. Also I did not sleep at all last night. THats got me so worn out today. Going to down some more coffee. Trying to pin the eyelids open.

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