Wednesday, February 11, 2009


YAY!! Today I got the first squeezee hug from my hubby! He has more mobility and strength! He has not been able to give me a good hug in awhile. It was nice!And nice to know he is healing well.

Now...Temper tantrums...These are one thing that can send me through a roof in less than a second! I can not STAND temper tantrums. Today, my loving 6 year old...well is deciding that temper tantrums are the way to go. Does not want to do his homework, does not want to do anything that hes asked.. I really need some good ideas on dealing with these. Normally, I send them to their rooms for 5 min to reflect. But I do not think this is working. I am not big on spanking. If there is a spanking given, there better be a good reason. I am big on making them understand THEY are responsible for their own behavior. And that there are consequences for wrong behavior and rewards for good. Now in all honesty. I do have to work on the rewards a little more. Some days you forget to say, you know you were really good today....And we all need those pats on the back.

Uggg Ok I guess its time to try to deal with this tantrum. Was ignoring it, but now its esculating.

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