Friday, February 06, 2009


My husband had his surgery this morning. And did wonderful. They took off the bone spur, and shaved the distal clavicle. Also they removed the inflamed bursa sack. We have pictures but hmmmm not sure anyone would really want to see them haha! He woke up good, and as soon as they finally got pain to subside(well for the most part) we were able to go home. Right now he has his arm in a sling, and his shoulder bandaged up good. Pain medicine seems to have him comfortable. Sweetest thing was the first question he asked. "Is my wife waiting" He asked them if they told me he was ok. I swear I love him.
2 more weeks and our oldest son goes under the knife. I think he is so ready for this to be over. Tired of hurting.
Thanks to everyone who have called and sent emails and messages to wish us well. We are glad this part is over. All thats left is to recuperate.

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