Saturday, January 03, 2009


Some links are up and working. Keep checking back as I will continue to add. As we continue to find stuff we like :) Kids are making sure to inform me once again. And HOPEFULLY just hopefully we will get the awsome links you depend on back up and running!

I have spent the last couple days trying to get prepare to go back to homeschooling. Of course, we are waiting till the kids finish this year. Figure at this point things are not to bad. So let em finish. Plus we do like the teachers  this year. BUT come a few months.. I will officially have my kids back at home, starting 1st and 5th grade. And I am getting ultra prepared. Instead of like last time. lol. The quick yank out. And a child who absolutly refused to do anytime of things called learning. THe scars of the school were quite evident. Of course he healed and went back due to our financial probs and having to work so much. But now we are trying to work it out..somehow.. So check back frequently and hopefully we will be able to keep up! hahah

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