Monday, January 05, 2009

Home Blessing

As Flylady says.. Housework done wrong still blesses your family. Do you ever realize how true that is? Think about it. Just because you take a rag and just wipe the spots YOU SEE on the floor.. Does it look better? Yes.  Does it take 3 hours? no. But during our home blessing Use a swiffer or a mop and get the whole floor. But don't spend any longer than 15 min on it. You will realize it took you 8 min to mop that floor. (less if smallerr space) and that you have a couple min to grab a rag and wipe off those counters and table. Now step back and look. You have presumably swept. mopped, wiped counters and table. Kitchen looks wonderful! And in 15 min. You can check out flylady at or click it from my links. The method works WONDERFUL. I have seen people go blah, I don't need help with this. But think about it....DO you clean all day like I did? If so you need to stop. Your wasting time with your family by being obsessed. DO you have things falling out of cabinets that you don't even use? Paper piled high on a desk? Overwhelmed and not know where to start? Come on...It won't hurt to try it now would it?

Let me tell you a story. I was a overly obsessed neat freak.. But look into my cabinets and drawers... FULL of junk. Clutter that I swear it I stuffed one more thing that I could not BEAR to give away(can we also say packrat here) the drawers would bust. PLUS on top of it all.. We had bought my MIL house and along with the house, we still had to box up all her stuff before we could even unpack. And we managed...Till you looked into the attic and saw how much stuff I shoved up there. Ya know attics are not meant to hold that much.And all those things my mother gave me cuz she did not feel like storing them. YAY all ended up at my house.  What did I do? I stuffed and stuffed and stuffed some more. Then along with my neat freak exterior and people CONSTANTLY commenting on how much I clean(and I still saw a mess) I was a wreck. Stressed out! I was sick and tired of cleaning all day. Not ever resting and enjoying life itself. When someone pointed out this AWESOME website..Skeptical me.... Im like what ever! NOONE I mean no one will ever be able to help me. Looking back and seeing that its been 5 years. 5 years of being  flywashed. My sink is almost always clean. And that is where it began. A shiny sink. My bathroom, is now almost always fit to pee in.(umm I have boys hehe) My tub has no ring. Laundry is never piled up.My paper clutter. NOWHERE near what it was. I can find almost anything now. And guess what. I only clean for 1-1 and 1/2 hours a day! Yep. In 15 min steps. I have so much more time to just relax. Not to mention I have time for those boys....that will start doing the swish and swipe soon if aim is not better lol..And hubby is happy, because house hardly ever gets messy(unless we are all sick) and dinner. Its not normally a whats for dinner issue. Because we plan menus together. This year we are working on our finances. And digging ourselves out of a financial disaster after I lost my job. But we are surviving.  And I will have to stand up and say. THANK YOU FLYLADY(Marla) and crew(To many of you to list here) And to all the fly friends I have received over the years.

Ok long enough post here. While I am in purple puddles, I am going to reboot my laundry.

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