Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 1....

So far so good lol. Ok so it was only the first day yesterday. But it seemed to go ok. Until homework haha. TOok a bit to get that done. But other than that they seem ok with this decision. So while they are at the school.. I am rescuing my house. I cleaned the boys rooms yesterday.. And that was ALL I got done. Took the whole 6 and a half hours. Took a couple very short breaks. Today Im hoping to tackle the bathroom Living room and kitchen. The house has been neglected in its deep cleanings for far to long. Not saying I don't clean.. I just haven't deep cleaned. And well...its time for it. I can say the boys were thrilled at their rooms. Now those..they were bad. And I think the boys were completely overwhelmed at the mess they created. Plenty of trash came out of the rooms. Broken toys gone. Toys separated and back in their right bins. Legos...Legos FOUND. lol. Big plastic tub wasn't even a 1/4th of the way filled up. Its now FULL. They were very happy for that. Even Mr B laid across his floor for awhile. They have been leaving barely enough room to sit more or less lay down in the mess they had.  Lets hope the rest of my house will look as clean as those rooms : D

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