Friday, December 17, 2010

The busy season

Have you ever noticed that during this time of year when you should be stopping to smell the...well winter air lol...that your busier than ever? Seems that your busy cleaning, cooking, shopping, and still more outings than humanly possible??? Yeah Im there....With me working 5 nights a week. lil bears gymnastics, cleaning, cooking, homeschool functions, add in extra outings just for fun...thinking your doing it for down time...but instead your busier. Lets go ahead and add...LIL BEARS BIRTHDAY!!! (yes I almost forgot it..) Sad but true.
Papa Bear and I have started doing date nights. A odd thing for us since we have been married getting close to 12 years, that we are just now starting this.
Akk here we go again.. looked at the time and now I have to head to work.. Hope to update soon lololol

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