Sunday, November 21, 2010

Times of evaluations...

During this time of year when things start speeding up due to holidays...its time to reevaluate things. School, home, everything. You get caught up in the season and then life gets cluttered. Home gets cluttered.. Heck even school gets cluttered. Now we spent a lot of our summer doing one thing or another. And that continued for a lil while after. Now its time to look around and see what got left undone or behind. Housecleaning took a back burner..ok sorta. Im a retent so things never get too bad. But decluttering was long forgotten by the time we took time to sit and rest, we noticed lots of things did get piled up. Added too..or plain just left out. School has been great but I need to add something to it. Some fun. Looking up projects that they will love. Right now they are making their own jammie pants. They are excited to be able to wear something they made(ok lots of help from me but thats to keep their fingers out from under the needle of the sewing machine :D) We have charity things coming up with our homeschool group. Making cards for troops is on the list..I think theres a lot more coming up with charity things.
With the holiday season its time to get rid of so many things. Getting time to pull out decorations for Christmas. And well you have to have somewhere to put them! Im still looking around the living room trying to figure out where a tree is going.....Taking time this week to try to rearrange and get rid of all these things cluttering every space of wall in here. On top of menu planning and getting more of our school year planned. I like to be organized.. but havent been keeping up with it lately. (hmm maybe thats why things feel so off) But then I is Sunday......Dont I get to be lazy today?

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