Friday, June 11, 2010

Life slips by

It seems just as soon as my head goes above the slips back under and life overwhelms. I have noticed I havent blogged much lately. So far we have celebrated the pap bears birthday, started school back up again, visited the water park twice, the amusement park once, a couple sunburns, among countless other things. and I have not gotten anything done at my house. Im tired. worn out. and stretched beyond belief. And for some unknown reason..It looks as if I have done nothing. For the most part though we are all doing decently. School has driven us nuts. Mainly because lil bear likes to boycott everything. And you cant go a day without him not wanting to do something you ask. Love the spirit in that boy, but man...takes a toll. Mr B has done great getting his school stuff done. We just finished our 2 weeks on today. And begin 2 weeks off. need to do more work than relaxing. but man summer is making me lazy.

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