Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

You all know I hate to leave you hanging. Life has been in a uproar of insanity for the past few weeks. From getting sick, to the lump, to the biopsy..Then the helping of friends and family. My house has suffered like crazy. Cleaning has been furthest from my mind and abilities. Brain=FRIED! As soon as my strength to get up returns, My sinuses throw me back in the fire lol. A headache I can not seem to kick has taken hold. Typing this up is torture, but I feel awful that I havent been around. I have been reading... A LOT. Most know my love of vampire things lol. Pixies, Vampires, all things dealing with mythology. LOVE IT. and I found myself a few fav authors. But I will continue those another day heehee(hint Gena Showalter) 

Onto a homeschooling note...I MUST regain my house soon. We are going to start back up soon. I have to get these boys back on a schedule. We really have been busy and lazy all at the same time.  Im sure my calendar needs to be looked at and gotten in order because I know this summer is gonna be a busy one. More family fun in store :D we are very excited about the stuff we will be doing this summer.  Lots of water fun to come. And roller coasters, and camping.
For now I must hit the sack. This headache is going to be the death of me today.

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