Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A year almost done

Wow.. A few more days and we are done for this school year. Its gone by so fast. First of all, let me give my sincere apologies for not giving some good updates. Sleep has been hard to get. Neighborhood has gone crazy, and it seems that sleep...well as important as it is, has been taken over by something else every morning. Not to bore with details(ok it wouldnt bore but still) There are days where our quiet neighborhood...well is not so quiet. And here lately..seems that something is interrupting our sleep between 4am-6am every morn. Ahhh I feel like I live in the ghetto. Todays fire truck sitting in front of the house was interesting. Of course, a couple hours later the boys showed they can be selfless by sitting with our elderly neighbor for a little while so she wouldnt be alone.
Anyways..Hopefully..yes HOPEFULLY... tonight might be a night of rest.. And maybe back on track. A few more days and we are taking a break so that I can get my house back on track and organized (the retentive side of me is having a fit..while the tired part doesn't care) :-)

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