Sunday, April 04, 2010


Well I worked and worked and worked...and it didnt...Oh you don't know what Im talking about???? Alright..fine.. I made fondant.. and it DID NOT work for me. A couple days ago I made some up thinking OOO I am going to make this FABULOUS cake this weekend. Decorate it alll nice and pretty...with fondant...Instructions were easy enough. It was highly recommended. But it did NOT like me. And this morning I made a cake. Cut it and shaped it(this is my first bunny cake by the way) Started messing with the fondant...And well.. over 2 hours later.. I was very irritated. So I took that messed up fondant, added some milk to it. whipped it up.. And made a frosting(it is very sweet, I DID taste test it..And it passed) Here is my finished product!


Lost in Translation said...

I think it looks great :)

did you make it from scratch?

Mama Bear said...

No its boxed cake mix lol. I was a lil short on time LD