Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A day with Autism

I know I don't touch on this subject often..If at all.. Years ago, after dealing with what we were told was ADD, ADHD, then ODD....turned into aspergers syndrome. Finally things made sense. The angry outburst, the loving of spinning things. The OCD way of lining things up. Lack of empathy...This list could go on, but to save time...we will stop there. We went to get the paper diagnoses. And stopped. To us, we now knew. We didnt need it on paper. Besides, honestly, there was nothing that this paper would have helped. We set out to do it alone. And there was times where we have thought we were wrong..and many other days we know we were right. We didnt want him labeled in public school. Or people to know him as Mr B the aspie.. Besides, it wasn't like we were dealing with AUTISM....or were we? Days like today make me glad we homeschool. Its been a absolute meltdown of a day. (sad thing windows are all open and the whole dang neighborhood can hear these) These days..We see the autism..the scratching of the arms, the anger that wont end. Tearing up of rooms, screaming at the top of lungs in a screeching ear piercing scream...I should talk about it more. Maybe I would feel better about it. But then again..talking about it makes it real........Its not is it?? My patience was gone hours ago. And at this moment Im just typing this out and ignoring the crying temperamental child sitting not to far from me. Who just has decided he hates his math and is in refusal mode. The problem is, we dont allow aspergers to be a excuse. Others would. Now if it was autism on a diff part of the spectrum...well we might have used it for some.. But not with him. He knows what he is doing..Just cant stop it. Its now almost 4pm. Its been a long day. Papa Bear is home. So maybe I can walk away for a few.
Today my friend started a blog.. I do hope you will check it out. Its Raw, and real...And Im in agreement.. I hate Autism. I hate what its done to my kid.. to hers...to many many others... I hate everything about it. I dont care if they say my son will be a genius. I dont care that he could become a rocket scientist. I DONT CARE.. I just want my son to be happy.. And that is soo much more to expect from my child on the spectrum..Being a rocket scientist would be easy..Anyways.. heres a linkie linkie.. Go check out

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