Saturday, March 13, 2010

Up the nose... I mean in the mouth..

SOOO Hard to get a picture of the new "appliance" as the dentist calls it. You can see the poor kid has not teeth lol. It looks a lot different than we expected. The old spacer was a square metal piece that actually sat in the hole. HATED that thing. Hard to get food out of it. This new one actually is wires around those very back teeth. And a piece that is right at the front on the roof(if you look closely you might see it. Kinda close to the same color as the roof of his mouth) that piece there is the one that is keeping those back teeth where they belong. As for those 2 missing front teeth...that he has not had for a year and 4 months...they still have no idea when they are going to come in. HOPEFULLY soon. He really wants to have some teeth to bite corn on the cob with.

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