Saturday, March 13, 2010

I agree 100% (plus some)

I know I do not have babies anymore. I know there are many days that I do say hmmm I miss having a baby around. I am one of those moms that did not mind the dirty diapers. Or much of the sleepless nights. ESPECIALLY when your a breastfeeding mom. SO easy to do that and not lose much sleep at all. But the going out in public. Getting the dirty looks...That sucked. Women have been doing this since the beginning of time and yet people look at a breastfeeding mom with distaste. Come on people. We were not given breast just to have pillows on our chest. They produce milk when you have a baby. Common sense says hmm... THAT'S WHAT THAT'S FOR! I do understand when you cant. My first couldn't. Well more so the fact I had NO help. No one to ask, nothing. After 2 weeks of trying we gave up.
BUT to get off my soapbox.. On facebook tonight, a group I fanned, Posted THIS And let me tell you I WISH I had a shirt or something at that time. The first time I ever fed my baby in public.. Was sooo horrible. Of course it HAD to be at a home and garden show! At least 200 people walked by giving me these looks, like what are you thinking woman!...And I just sat there. Funny thing, my baby WAS covered. All you could see was his feet. (and that's more due to the fact we were still getting the hang of it...and well I would have prolly bared all if I didn't cover lol) But then a elderly lady, I bet she was at least 65 or older, came up, patted me on the leg and said good mom. Those 200 people didn't matter anymore. That lady made me feel so much better about feeding my baby in public. NO WAY would I have sat in a bathroom to do it.. I'm a germaphobe.. NOT gonna happen. And when the only chair you can find is right by the front door.. Well I sat there and continued about my business. Who cared what all those people thought. ONE person said I was a good mom! I was SOOOOOO Excited over that. When Papa Bear came back from the restroom with Mr B, I told him what happened. Loved his answer..Screw those people, you are a good mom.
*BEAMING with the memory*


Michelle said...

I think that a lot of the onlookers actually are admiring that you are breast feeding in public. I know I will take a double take when I see a woman breastfeeding because I am wishing I was her. And to my surprise I will get to do it again come August, I can't wait!!! I know there are still some jerks, so amen to the lady who encouraged you! That is always nice!

Mama Bear said...

It seems more acceptable now than it was 7 years ago. Which is kinda funny since wonen have been doing this since well FOREVER!