Monday, February 08, 2010

Newness.. and lots of it

I have spent the past few days trying to figure out this new computer, get all of my stuff transferred over, and dealing with tons of issues doing all of it. First of all, a couple weeks ago I ended up with a dreaded TROJAN!!! Yup.. So it reeked its havoc..And guess what....Yup it never was fully gone. Thought it was. But it wasn't. So I beat that thing until I was able to LOVE the season..of TAXES! Now I have myself a new, bigger, fancier..LAPTOP. On top of that my lovely Papa Bear is on vacation this week :D so we got some much needed shopping done. NOW I can bulk cook. (sigh of relief here) List will be given in just a few. With all that, we also bought ourselves a new bed.(ok not the frame just the mattresses.....) We went from a King size..Down to a queen. No more living in our own zip codes. Lil Bears Nintendo DS has been replaced. AND we bought a new washer and dryer..(Im telling ya we found some good deals this weekend) Of course the washer and dryer will not be delivered until MARCH 3!!!(not thrilled) Supposed to have it tomorrow. But one of those awesome deals we could not pass up.. (I mean come on.. Paying half priced for something is really good) Shot the store in the foot, and now they are on backorder.... POO! So dealing with my beat up old set just a lil longer.
Tomorrow is Capital Day. We are visiting the state capital for a day with legislators. All homeschoolers are invited! (gotta make sure to remember a camera)

NOW- Onto that debt.. We are now 3 credit cards PAID OFF and 1 medical bill PAID off. I know could have done more, if we didnt purchase some of the other items. But sometimes.. We get tired of always telling kids no.. I mean we also bought shoes, And Mr B a guitar. Underwear, socks, And still need to go shopping for a lil bit of clothing. MEAT(yes stocking up on that)
Now for my bulk shopping list
Pizza-I would like to make at least 4
Taco Meat(at least 4 meals worth)
I would also like to freeze chicken breast in a marinade(at least 2 meals worth)
Beans(for re-fried beans)

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