Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow.. Snow.. AND MORE SNOW!

Under normal circumstances.. Snow is very pretty. I do like it, don't get me wrong. BUT when I have 4-5 foot drifts. and no front porch.. and the lovely papa bear stuck at work all Christmas Eve and over half of Christmas.. I DO NOT like it. Not at all. It was a Christmas to remember though. THe boys and I had our typical Christmas Eve dinner of finger foods. Sat here watching christmas movies. Looking outside every so often to see the blizzard that created.. Well that there in the picture. My front porch really does have a step to get up to it! hmm let me see if I can find a picture to show you....

ahh there you go.. such a lovely day that was.. Warm. Sunny.. Flowers in bloom.. COME ON SPRING! Kids were outside playing with Knex in the Sun.

But instead... We go through a blizzard. WHICH IS NOT NORMAL! And get this..

Anyways.... I spent yesterday while the Papa bear was STILL stuck at work. Trying to make it where he could get in the driveway when he finally DID get to get outta there.(32 hours straight working through the night) And trying to shovel a little bit of a path for the dog to be able to go out.. and well YOU KNOW! lolol not very well likely her little self can go in over a foot deep of snow. Today.. with the hubby home. I was actually able to look at the snow and see its beauty. Yesterday I was cursing it. But the kids had fun. We built snowmen.(and a snow dog!) Of course... we all got cold and forgot to put faces etc on them....Guess we can do that tomorrow. While we are preparing to have our Christmas dinner.. FINALLY. :D
Whew.. My sore old feeling body is ready to relax in a nice hot warm bath..Tecate in hand...(umm yeah... HUBBYS HOME! lololol)

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