Sunday, December 20, 2009

ahhhh roof going up.....slowly

SO we have spent a very busy few weeks. First A friend and I were working overnights. THEN we have been working on putting the new roof on. Its been a mess. On top of that we had lil bears birthday party yesterday. (a different post on that later)
Finding the time to breathe, more or less post...well has been a little difficult. Plus... did you know.. ITS LESS THAT A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!???!!?? Yeah that snuck up on me too. still not even completely decorated. We did have lights on the house.. those are already down.. Thanks to the fact we are trying to re roof this house. Theres a quick glance at Sundays fun. We had lots of friends helping us.Ok,Back on the roof I go.. (this time I will keep my finger out of the way.. Yeah thats another story too.

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