Monday, July 20, 2009


Well my itch to pitch took a different turn, when my business went nuts. So.. On my itch to pitch I actually decided to go through inventory and get it gone through. In the end. over 900 books went out of my store and will be picked up this week. No pictures because at this point I would HATE for anyone to see the state of the garage with boxes upon boxes of books. But I will say the room we store our inventory in looks SO much better and more organized. Plus on top of that we had over 100 degree weather so we had to move stuff out of the way, to put in a air conditioner.....for the cat.. Yes. Clovis the attack cat had A/C. Keep in mind Clovis is a 15 year old feral cat. Shes old and this heat does not go ok with her anymore. And while I WOULD bring her in the house. Umm not gonna happen. She would kill the dog and maul the kids. LOL. I have brought her in during the cold of winter.. Did not work so well. Anyways.
This week I need to do more cleaning than pitching. Because we have Mr B's 10th bday Saturday. I can't believe its been 10 years. So double digit party here at my house Saturday... I just want it clean Lololol.

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