Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It is only Wednesday

It has already been a long week! And its not over yet..Dealing with the bear and some attitude issues. Knew it was happening. But so hard to stop it until we separated from some really bad influences. Mr B is kinda on the same line again. But stops pretty quick when we let them know we mean business. Since we don't like spanking we try to find other methods. Grounding..while somewhat effective is useless for the most part. I mean, all I got to take away is TV, Video games and computer.Well even outside play. So now if we restrict the outdoors. Its now if your in trouble you may not leave the front yard. We all need the fresh air. Time outs.. Now this is a subject that ya know if it works for you YAY. Mr B Screams bloody murder so long is useless. And The Bear...well I will spend hours putting him back. EVERYtime. Yes.. Been there MANY times.And well..thats the battle I think I am ready to throw in the towel at. I need something new.. Someones gotta have a idea. I hope lol. I figure I have this month of being mean mommy..And then its back to better days. Lets just hope it doesn't take that long. Tomorrow I need to make up a schedule(I know I know been sayin it for awhile) But yes Tomorrow I will do it. On top of that I am making a chore chart. The boys have been so bored.. Guess they need something to do lol. We will find our road hopefully.

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