Thursday, June 18, 2009

A day in the life... Of limited electronics

Ok so I don't know how long we have been moderating the electronics but it feels like a eternity. The first day even I was ready to give in. I swore if I heard I'm bored 1 more time....I would be loading them down with worksheets of every variety or chores. The second day..started out ok.. and then went to pot. Begging CONSTANTLY to get online or on a videogame. The 3rd day... I finally started seeing a difference. They started using their own brains to find stuff to do rather than ask me on a second by second basis...MOMMY WHAT DO I DO NOW????? Well.. All was good...Until yesterday. Thats when my Mr B decided he was mad because he wanted to do something and it did not involve brother. And made the choice to use his fist. Now... in my house, Our main big rule, is keep your hands and bodies to yourself. So my husband and I stood there and watched as our children acted like THOSE KIDS... in the middle of our front yard. and when they were finally done.(no one bleeding or nothing) I said ok.. bikes up and inside. Which sent back a reaction of pure anger from Mr B. So after a VERY fun night, my children had NO electronics, NO TV nothing today. And they worked together to clean the house.. Yep.. I have kid swept floors, clean rooms, And even my bathroom, is clean. Not saying they were happy. But they did it. And only had 1 more problem with the breaking of my major no no rule. BUT despite that.. My house is becoming calmer, and MUCH less electronic happy. They are enjoying being Jr Host and Jr Chef. And now we are beginning to work together one on one and as a team. Its making me feel like the decision to cut cable soon will be ok. lol. Of course my love of the discovery channel...
Alrighty grabbing my Jr Chef to help me finish our chicken pasta alfredo!!

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