Monday, May 25, 2009

What to do What to do

Today is day 1 with me and the boys alone. Of course we are not doing schooling right now. And they do have 1 more day to go to PS. But its the last day and you know nothing gets done haha. I love being with my kids. I know that I am going to have to work on creating a balance. And a schedule. Today is my normal clean up the whole house day. Do laundry etc. Well last load of laundry is washed. Now just rotating the clothes off the line. I don't use a dryer if I dont need to. I am almost tempted to even hang them up in the winter and freeze dry them HAHAHAA. (I doubt this will ever happen) Floors are swept, bathrooms scrubbed. Boys have cleaned their rooms. But ya know kids don't want to clean all day(well most adults don't either) So I am going to redo my schedule. Make it laundry only today. Tomorrow can be scrub the kitchen or something. Do one room a day and maybe that will help. My main thing.. The I'M BORED! conversation. Seems like if I am not constantly doing something with them, they can not entertain themselves. I do hope that this will work itself out. In 10 min...Can I play computer, Can I play X Box can I go out front, Im BORED, can I play playstation, Can I get the DS can I get a snack. MOMMMMM IM BORED can I....Ok you got the point. Im really NOT wanting to sit out front right now because I do have stuff to finish inside. They don't want to play out back because theres not a lot of room and they choose to not use their imaginations. I do need to remake computer and game time cards. And TV cards. Yesterday my boys literally watched TV ALL day except during the time they were playing a video game or on computer. I think my kids need to find their imaginations again. They used to make things up and play for hours. Now, its really annoying to find they want me holding their hands all day long moving them constantly from one electronic to another. I am thinking of having a no electronic week..But I would probably go through withdrawls HAHAHA! Ahhh Going to make a IM BORED list lololol. They might find their imaginations again quick HAHA

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