Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Reading Program

We took the boys yesterday to sign up for the Summer Reading program. This year is a lot different than years before. This year they put a sticker on for each 10 min of reading. Instead of how many books read. That's not to fair in our house. Mr B was tested before and found that he reads really fast lol. And the kid wakes up and reads and reads and reads......You got the point. I know if he can get outta physical activity to read he will. We have to force him to move some days. HE could have a chart filled in a day LOL. The Bear on the other hand just learned to read. SO 10 min of reading he can do a couple times a day. But that's about it. So we will see how this works.
Public school is now completely over. And they are already asking when they will start home schooling. I feel we need to take the summer and just chill. This weekend I HAVE to sit and make somewhat of a schedule. We are planning activities through the library and homeschool groups. But the days we have nothing, its a constant day of I'M BORED. And honestly I do not agree with filling a day with X-Box, TV, computer,Playstation etc.. But at the same time, my kids are old enough to self entertain. But for some reason WANT me to tell them what to do ect. I do think this is a public school issue also. Because all day everyday they are told what time to do everything. Including going to the bathroom. And I wonder how long it will take to break this cycle. I am trying to get them to use their minds to find something. But hmmm I think this may be a lot harder than it sounds. ANY ideas for a list of things they can do to entertain themselves PLEASE comment! I figure I am going to incorporate in the schedule independent play time. And if they can not figure out what to do they ca look at a list of ideas. And hopefully this will get us on our way to learning to think again for themselves. I really didn't want to completely schedule the whole day. Its going to be a kinda loosely made schedule. I will probably schedule certain time frames later for schooling. But right now I don't wanna schedule every moment of their days. But I want them to also realize just because we are home does not mean they need to be on a electronic something or another all day haha. Ahh lets hope this works like I have it in my head....I have my doubts.

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