Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kids and Fun!!

Got our Summer library program the other day. So I spent some time today going through and marking all the stuff that's for my kids ages. One thing I noticed, was that a lot of its age grouped from 4-7.. And the stuff for all ages, he wouldn't be interested in. He has 2 years before he hits the teen part and then he will be loving it. All the stuff they are doing in that are things he enjoys. I love when the summer programs start. The kids LOVE making a goal in their reading. And then meeting that goal. When Mr B was younger.. I think about 5 he decided he could read 100 books that summer. I was shocked. But from what I remember. He made it! He was kinda worn out by the time he hit 50(we had to tell him to not read the big books for a bit lol) But in 2 months. He read 100 books.The summer reading kickoff is May 27 here. Go check you local library and join us in the fun!

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