Thursday, April 30, 2009

My friends..

I have friends in many places. I have my real life friends, that I see in person, I have online friends that without..I probably would have sunk a long time ago. It's so nice to know that I have them. I met a lot with FLylady and blog talk radio. Now I am not linking BTR on purpose. In the past week..I have watched 3 of my friends fall. Due to childish drama. I don't know what would cause grown people who don't even reside in the same town as them, to seriously be so ridiculous in what they did. I have been to a ton of shows. Greenlight, Radio 69, Wordplay, NRTP, Scrapplesandwich, Dr Clyde Brooks. And MANY more. And I truly miss seeing most of them. They were banned. DUE to childish online behavior. That cost 3 wonderful people their jobs. BTR was wrong. BTR should have talked to the ones they fired. That is one thing I am so sick of in the workplace. You fire with no explanation. Just because you suspect. Just because you went on a few peoples words and looked at a chat. Well guess what. LOOK at everyone. Your producers work their butts off. Most the time screening calls. I watched them be so busy they barely had time to say something. People I talk to not just there but outside of there. People who took time at Christmas to make sure my kids had something when we could not give them anything. People who when I lost my job, held me up through chatting with me and texting and skype calls. I want BTR to know that I find what they did wrong. I have been in a lot of those chats. And Every freakin person in there was participating. I used to think BTR would be a fun job. Until I saw how little time they had to eat, sleep or even talk. And the fact you will take a complaint from people who are so bitter and miserable in their own lives they want to watch others fall. And put 3 people out of a job in a economy like we have now. I have tried to keep my blog pretty civil. But Im pissed. These people loved their jobs. LOVED what they did. And I hope what goes around comes around to those responisble.
Parden the spelling today. Irritation causes some major finger issues haha

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